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The Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL), the nations association that represents Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals has been inducted into Seoul Accord as a Provisional Member, at the Seoul Accord Meeting in Cambridge, UK 2018

This is a historic moment for CSSL, IT higher education and Sri Lanka at large. Through the hard work of many individuals over the last few years of laying the foundation for degree accreditation, now the CSSL has been inducted into the global standard of computing degree accreditation. This will open a new chapter in seeing computing degrees in Sri Lanka getting accredited at global levels of the standard by CSSL, a prestigious and an important phase in shaping the higher education sector in Sri Lanka over the coming few years.

The Accreditation portfolio of CSSL is driven by the CSSL Accreditation Board, where Professor Gihan Dias is the Chairman.

CSSL Accreditation Board Members include Professor Gihan Dias -Chairman, Dr. Malitha Wijesundara -Member and Convener, Dr. Dayan Rajapakse -Member, Mr. Chandana Weerasinghe -Member, Dr. Prasad Samarasinghe -Member, Dr Ruwan Wickramaarachchi -Member, Mr. Prabath Samindra Wickramaratne -Member, Prof. Chandimal Jayawardena -Member, Prof. Shaluka Kodithuwakku -Member, Professor Koliya Pulasinghe -Member, Prof. Nihal Kodikara -Member, Dr. Ajantha Athukorala -Member, Dr. Prasanna Lokuge -Member, Dr. Sankalpa Gamawarige -Member and Prof. Samantha Thelijjagoda.

Professor Indra Dayawansa has joined the organization as the Manager, Accreditation.

The Seoul Accord is a multi-lateral agreement among agencies responsible for accreditation or recognition of tertiary-level computing and IT-related qualifications. Membership (called being a Signatory) are committed to development and recognition of good practice in computing and IT-related education. The activities of the Accord Signatories are intended to assist growing globalization of mutual recognition of computing and IT-related qualifications.

Seoul Accord has been formed for the primary purpose of contributing to the improvement of computing education worldwide through the mutual recognition of accredited academic computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice. By establishing desired attributes for graduates of computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice, and by sharing best practices for computing education, it hopes to contribute to the acceptance of international standards for the academic preparation of computing professionals and efforts to achieve these standards in computing education throughout the world.

Acceptance as a signatory requires a thorough examination and approval of an applicants procedures and accreditation standards, and signatories are re-evaluated periodically to ensure that the processes and standards remain in conformance with those of the accord and remain acceptable for mutual recognition by the other signatories of the accord.

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