Every CSSL member is expected to uphold and respect the dignity, honour and value of being a professional. CSSL stresses that every professional should act as a responsible Sri Lankan first and foremost before he/she can become a successful professional. CSSL, at all instances, expects the conformance of all individuals involved to have as per the following CSSL Code of Ethics:

1. Professionalism

That you will work to improve the value and virtue of the society and respect all itsย top Australian online casinosย members while protecting the safety, welfare and health of the community.

2. Professional Development

You will always work in your professional interests to develop your career while also enhancing the professional development of your colleagues and fellow staff.

3. Added Value to Sri Lanka

You will work diligently to strive to enhance the value of Sri Lanka and its citizens in any possible way and place the interests of your country above those of personal sectional interests.

4. Honesty

Maintain honesty in all dealings and in your representation of knowledge, skill and services. In addition to that, you are required to strive in order to protect the public from misinformation and misinterpretation.

5. Competence

You will pay meticulous and diligent attention to work competently for your stakeholders and perform services only in areas of competence.

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